The awakened girl got scared


the awakened girl got scared.

Desperate father jumps on unaware daughter and hugs sensual body. She wakes up and screams in horror. He tells her that he is dead and wants to kill himself. She takes pity and gives him her pussy… The taboo series always has these forbidden themes, but with a series of performers of appreciable quality, it manages to bring out stories which, although absurd, like this one, give the scene a semblance of reality. Tommy and Savannah prove themselves worthy. Savannah, especially who transforms from an innocent angel into a metaphysical slut in a second.

the awakened girl got scared

Her carnality is explosive, such a small body, such sexual explosiveness. With her wonderful immature breasts, soft and full of explosive passionate carnality. A dazzling discovery of the hardcore world, so full of nymphets all the same, blonde and busty.

Her deep throat blowjobs with that pouty little slut face are wonderful. Her pussy is so wide, she even gives him a sensational fist fucking with her hand. Not a practice I particularly appreciate, but in this case it was necessary. Indeed The daughter from saint to slut is magnificent and Tommy’s Nazi mustache. In this taboo field it is the best channel to take if you are passionate about family doubles.

Date: December 12, 2023
Actors: Savannah Sixx